“Let what you eat be your medicine and let your medicine be what you eat” – Hipokrat

Frequently Asked Questions

Bone broth is a nutrient that contains many compounds necessary for the body. Although it is generally used to add flavor to meals, it is known as a source of healing all over the world due to the collagen, glutamine, various minerals and protein it contains.

Under the control of veterinarians, we wash and chop only the marrow bones from the bones of calves slaughtered in accordance with Islamic rules, and then cook them in temperature-controlled boilers at +95 C for 10 hours without exceeding the boiling point. The reason why we cook for a long time without exceeding the boiling temperature is to ensure that the substances in the bone and marrow pass into the bone broth without being lost. During cooking, we add carrots, onions and spices. When the cooking process is completed, we let it rest for a while and filter it and fill it into jars untouched by human hands. After closing the jars, we perform sterilization in an automatic autoclave at a temperature of 121 C under vacuum. In this way, the products have a shelf life of 1 year without usage of any additives or preservatives.

* It strengthens the immune system, especially in children and young people in the developmental age.

* Besides this, it helps growth hormone to work properly, especially in children and young people in developmental age.

* It reduces the risk of developing diseases such as osteoporosis and joint diseases seen in advancing ages.

* It is known to have important effects on strengthening memory and maintaining the healthy functioning of the brain.

* Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it helps to reduce insomnia and nervous stress.

* It helps to lose weight by keeping you feel full for a long time.

* It helps the digestive system to work in a healthy way.